Dear Fellow WV HFMA Members,

It has been an incredibly tough week here for many West Virginians who have been impacted by the severe flooding throughout our state. Our prayers especially go out to the families that have lost loved ones, lost their homes, and have been displaced by the flooding. The stories, pictures and videos have truly been heartbreaking.

Governor Tomblin declared a state of emergency for 44 of the state’s 55 counties and ordered the deployment of over 400 members of the West Virginia National Guard. Volunteer firefighters, EMS, and other first responders have spent incredibly long hours helping victims through debris-laden floodwaters to a place where they are safe and can get their medical and nutritional needs addressed. We cannot express enough appreciation to these hard working volunteers.

This tragedy has put our people to the test, but as a people, West Virginians are as tough as they come! We’ve seen almost everything Mother Nature has to offer, lived through tough economic times, mining disasters, and even had our own water crisis here in Charleston a couple years ago. To say we have been through a lot would be an understatement.

With these cards that we’ve been dealt, many would fold and walk away. Those that do are missing the best part of being a West Virginian…the Comeback. Our people band together during these tough times, we reach out our hands, reach into our pockets, and help our fellow West Virginians get back on their feet. We are resourceful. We respect each other’s needs, and we show unexpected love.

Many local and national fundraising efforts have kicked off and are underway. The donations and volunteers have been tremendous but we all know that this recovery will take time. Our WV HFMA Chapter will be supporting these fundraising efforts in the upcoming year. We will be working with other organizations, schools, and families affected to make sure that after this initial wave of media attention and fundraising has faded that these families’ needs are still being addressed.

Please stay-tuned to our website ( for additional information about our Chapter’s fundraising efforts and please click the “Volunteer today” button found on our homepage fill out a volunteer application if you would like to help participate in these efforts.

Together our state and these affected areas will again THRIVE!


Ryan Lindsay, CPA, CHFP
WV HFMA President