President’s Message

Our national theme for the year is BOLDER BRIGHTER BETTER, which I believe is very fitting. Businesses/healthcare have had to adapt, adopt, and rapidly change how they do business which opens the doors and supports our national theme. I am going to break ranks and decided in addition to our national theme, this chapter needs a theme “Strong as the person next to me.” Each of us struggled in our own ways this past 18 months, whether you emerged from the pandemic having learned 4 new languages or you simply got out of bed each day, we are all in need of someone putting their hands on our backs and lifting us up.

We will work to expand our educational content to serve all our enterprise members from the C-suite to our amazing front line staff. We will work to highlight businesses and organizations in each of our conference locations, and we will work to inspire the next generation of healthcare providers.

As I work to build up those on my board and our members, I challenge you to build up your own team members, build up those you serve with, and build up local businesses and organizations. We will only be as strong as the person next to you. I look forward to how much we can build each other up!